Philosophy Statement

At Humboldt Community Preschool we recognize that early childhood builds the foundation for a lifetime love of learning.    From  birth  to  age  five,  a  child’s  life  is  full  of  experiences  so  precious,  they  will  form  a  lasting  foundation  to   grow from. Children learn at an incredible rate, and it is our job to create a stimulating environment, which supports and  encourages  children’s  education.

At Humboldt Community Preschool,  the  nurturing  of  the  child’s  genius  is  intrinsic,  and  as  expected  as  breathing and smiling. Every experience is an opportunity to learn how to be confident, competent humans. Children must be provided the opportunity to learn naturally and to explore uninhibited. The incorporation of the arts, music, sciences, mathematics, multilingual education, and cooking, provides our children with an empowered relationship with the world around them.

By creating a curriculum, which encourages children to explore, take risks, collaborate and feel confident in their decisions, we are guiding children towards making meaning through their own discoveries. We are not here to feed children information, but to create a space where they can find it. Through inquiry and investigation, children will discover the incredibly rich and diverse world around them. It is through these opportunities that children are able to build on their foundation and learn by the joy of the experiences themselves. By giving children these opportunities, we are ensuring they will exceed the academic requirements of both their preschool and future education.

We incorporate valuable lessons into our every experience, creating an opportunity to acquire mathematical, logical, communication, artistic, musical and social skills. We respect that children need a predictable routine, but also respect that everything, including that routine, must be designed to be flexible, according to the individual needs of each child and the overall well-being of the group.

As our most precious gifts, our children must be loved, nurtured and challenged in a way that builds a strong self- image, and engenders self-esteem through accomplishment and self-recognition. Our teachers establish deep, meaningful relationships with the children: helping them to feel safe, secure and confident. Together, child and teacher, become co-creators; working side by side to make meaning of the world around them. With this mutual respect and desire to learn, education is taken to new heights.

We endeavor to encourage both  the  child’s  and  parent’s  desire  to  learn, for the sake of learning, thus elevating our standards for education itself. A deeply instilled knowledge of the value of life, and highly developed social and leadership skills are invaluable. At Humboldt Community Preschool, our desire is for your child to develop and maintain a strong sense of self, a respect for life, and a passion for learning. By incorporating a strong sense of family as well as the child-teacher relationship in both at home and during their time at school, together we can create a foundation which will ensure that our children are prepared to thrive as confident, intelligent, socially aware leaders of society.

Your child is an important individual in our program. We recognize that parents are the first and most powerful teacher in  their  child’s  lives.    With  your  help,  we  will  embark  on  an  adventure  where challenges, experiences and joyous accomplishments will last a lifetime!Type your paragraph here.

Humboldt Community Preschool